Constructing, Progressing, Dominating

Global Union of Domination

The G.U.D. is a union of the leftist and lesser VMs in the ArmA/2/OA and FSX VR-World. Only the VMs that are underdeveloped, don't fit in, need allies or are incredibly small are a part of this union.

This union is a union of mutual protection,  logic,understanding and fun. You will not just find "different" factions here, but also strong national bonds, humor, war games an much more. In this union, the close bonds, spirit, courage, duty and the willingness to sacrifice is what keeps us going strong in the face of death. This union doesn't have much to lose to begin with therefor all we have is ourselves.


The union is also a place to help start small factions off and help them grow so that they may become more independent and one day stand up for themselves. We hope all who join us will stay with us even when they are going strong and no longer require our assistance.


The union accepts all differences, traits, preferences and people for what they are and who they are. By joining us, you would be forgetting all your differences, if any, with the current members and begin to work as a team. You must also be prepared to take commands for your own well being. The G.U.D. is not a union of democratic vote; but instead a union with a chain of command in order to maintain the unique traits of perseverance, aggressiveness and a moderate fear factor.


The union is lead by the Uatian Monarch MC Sics. The Uatian King is very relaxed with his VM, and is much more relaxed on the controls of the G.U.D. Only making harsh decisions to keep everything running in order. 

The Union was established on October 20th of 2010.