Constructing, Progressing, Dominating

Judicial System

          We have a simulated law that all GUD members must follow at all times, occasionally members of the GUD will break the law which means that we have a court and judging system. If you are a GUD member and you are convicted of a virtual crime, there are a few things that could happen. It is all up to the court and Jury system, and the Judges final decision what happens to a criminal. Penalties vary depending on the crime.

(1) The suspected acts are all laid out and are explained to the jury members and Judge.

(2) The Judge questions, and listens to the Defendant, and the Suspects statements.

(3) The Jury is brought in to question and make there statements, and opinions to both parties.

(4) The suspect is proven innocent, or Guilty by the Court.

A. If proven Innocent there is no punishment and suspect is released/allowed to return to there tasks.

B. If proven Guilty the suspect becomes a criminal and must await the juries vote on punishments, or penalties. He also has a choice to take the punishments, or to run and not face charges.

C. If the criminal chooses not to face charges and or leaves, they are executed and are to no longer be a GUD member. IF they join a VM out side of the GUD VM's, they will be branded as a traitor, deserter, or a terrorist.

(5) The Judge takes in the votes, and is given a day to come up with a final decision.

(6) The Judge makes his final decision based on the jury, and or what the most logical, and fair decision should be.


(1) No Power Struggles to take control of GUD

(2) No Voting for your self

(3) No Lying

(4) No Greed

(5) No crying/Whining if you are not elected

(6) No Political Arguing with in the GUD about elections. Only military groups may argue politically, then they can declare war on each other to settle the political argument.

(7) No Cheating

(8) No Severe Verbal Harassments, no following someone to cuss them out.

(9) Freedom of Speech is allowed, so say what ever you want. Just don't get mad if you start an argument with someone and you run out of comebacks, lol.

(10) Protests, request of resigning for personal resins, calling for a vote on something 'must be a council member or higher to ok the vote, depending on the thing being voted, pressing charges on others for types of abuse, and cussing are all Legal. Just go easy on the name calling, if too much you could have charges placed on you.



Rules of Engagement & How to shoot other planes out of the sky in FSX

          We have rules of engagement, and the rules of engagement are the same as our rivals, so we all know if we get shot down or if we get a victory. All victories will be recorded. If you do go in a session all alone and find your self facing a rival military member, you must know the rules of engagement before you engage.

No member shall engage any one in a free flight session under any circumstance unless:

A. You are engaged upon

B. You know the rules of engagement.

C. Your opponent knows the Rules of Engagement.

D. It is a Member of a Rival Faction that you are at war with.

E. It’s a duel agreed upon by both pilots.

                                        F. It’s an authorized attack coming from your military high command.

          Don’t shoot down civilian aircraft, unless you are given clearance by your militaries high command, simply tell the pilot to land at an Intl. Airport, or at a secure military base. If plane refuses to comply with your command, take necessary action by damaging some engines so that they will have no choice but to land.

Combat No Cheating Rules

(1) No spawning to get a kill, or to other players during battles.

(2) No ovre modified jets that go mach 3.5+

(3) No Pausing while in a dog fight to get behind your opponent to get an easy kill.

(4) No Lying about getting kills

(5) No using Slew to get away

(6) No Counting before you are within the right disdance of 1.0 miles or less

(7) If you lose connection shortly after geting a victory, it will not count as a victory

The Steps to achieve your kills

         To get a kill/Victory on a enemy in this war-game you must hold your opponent in the HUD at 1.0 miles or less, and talk in over the MIC on FSX , count to 5 one thousands then say FOX-2 ! Then estimate if the missile would have hit there plane, and where it hit on there plan, give detail on where and how it would have hit. Bigger planes like bombers or transports may take more missiles depending on where the missile hits. And you need to count it out lowed by MIC so everyone can hear it on the FSX Sessions for it to count! Do Not Lie about your kills! If you get shot down by someone, you must end your flight and re-spawn at an airport then re-enter the battle. If you are in a civilian aircraft, do not get too close to military no fly zones "follow FAA rules." The no fly zones move all the time, so if combat engagements are taking place "Get out of their way!" If you are a military transport or a civilian aircraft and you are told to land, LAND!Or prepare to ditch.

          Count your victory record from practice separate from real combat kills from enemies. Always Count Your Kills and write it somewhere, they must always be confirmed kills/victories. If you are in the GPEO, Chang Your (ATC Tail Call Sign to "GPEO") for battles so we know who not to shoot out of the sky. Never attack on your own, only attack when given the ok by your commanders. If you are not part of a virtual military group or VA then ID your self as Noncombatant (NCBTN) or a Civilian ID, if you are in a virtual war with another group your tail Call Sign should be the initials of your group. If you don’t know what you are doing then do not act as a hostel toward us, or Else!