Constructing, Progressing, Dominating

GUD Military Conflicts

         The only wars we are to fight now are with in the GUD community, unless your virtual military wants to fight other militaries out side the GUD. you may not count kills out side of the GUD as kills in the GUD Community. Those kills that you earn out side the GUD may be counted in a personal record, or on your virtual militaries web site. For now in GUD your victories will be counted in the GUD sites. All Wars fought in GUD are to be recorded and documented by each military group that is apart of the GUD. Follow the Rules of Engagement, and see if you can be Victorious against another virtual military. All virtual militaries must only train them selves, so that it is more interesting for both sides.


How to determine Victory & Defeat ?

        To determine a winner of a war, you can look at the kills-to-members, if you kill more than the amount of members they have in there military group, then you can consider them extinct. Or if one side decides to say that they don’t want to fight anymore, it can be called a surrender by the other opposing forces. No matter what they say, if a military dose not want to fight after fighting for a while, it is a unconditional surrender. And if they say that they want nothing to do with the other military group, it is to be considered a surrender by the force that is still willing to fight. Only a good and honorable leader will accept defeat to the victorious armies, for the force that defeats your large and powerful military force deserves to see your surrender note.